Announcing our new collaboration with LUUNA!

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We’re excited to be working with Asia’s first female-led period care company, LUÜNA naturals!

LUÜNA will be donating 50 menstrual cups to the Mira Rai Initiative and providing period health education and workshops in Nepal, under their LUUNA Women 5,000 Cups Initiative.

This initiative aims to change the experience of menstruation for women and girls in Asia. For every period cup purchase or subscription to LUÜNA’s organic cotton period care, they donate a period cup to low-income women and girls. Their mission is to donate 5,000 cups, alongside menstrual health workshops, by Women’s Day 2020.

LUÜNA’s founder and CEO, Olivia Cotes-James, says, “I have seen just how deeply the silence around menstrual health affects the lives of women and girls of all ages, cultural backgrounds and nationalities. At LUÜNA, we see it as our job, as a new kind of purposeful period care company, to change this for ALL our sisters across the region.”

This is particularly important in countries like Nepal, where menstruation is still a taboo subject. The tradition of chhaupadi – where women are exiled during menstruation in belief that they bring bad luck – was banned in 2017. Despite this, the practice persists in rural Nepal, particularly in western regions.

Visit for more information about LUÜNA’s initiative and products, and get a 10% discount on purchases of period cups or organic period cups using the following code: LuunaWomanMiraRai

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