2022 Athletes

Name: Srijana Kulung
Age: 21
Hometown: Solukhumbu

Srijana moved to Kathmandu to study education, and was living with her siblings. She chose this field as it was less costly to study and gave her more time for training.

Srijana’s interest in trail running came through her brother, Arjun Rai, who is an ultra trail runner. After winning her first race, she knew that she wanted to continue running.

Srijana is soft spoken but confident, and believes that she will be an exceptional trail runner with the support of the program. She wants to prove that choosing to follow your dream is worth the risk. Beyond this, she also wants to contribute to her community in Nepal.
Srijana left the program in April 2022 as she was enlisted in the Nepal Armed Police Force. This is a dream opportunity for Srijana, and we wish her all the very best!

Name: Padam Kumari Sunuwar
Age: 21
Hometown: Okhaldhunga

Prior to joining the program, Padam was living with her aunt and uncle, helping on their chicken farm. She has finished high school but, due to her family’s poor financial situation, she is unable to attend college.
Padam was inspired to take up running after seeing some of our previous athletes compete in the Pikey Demba race. She has taken part in a number of races including the Okhaldhunga Demba Ultra Trail Run 42km, where she secured 5th position. She is really passionate about the trails and feels at peace while running, with downhill being a particular strength for her.
Padam moved to Kathmandu to pursue her passion, and worked hard for a year to apply for the program. She is motivated to learn and shows great potential!

Name: Anisha Rai
Age: 19
Hometown: Sankhuwasabha

Prior to joining the program Anisha lived at home, helping her parents to work their farm.

Anisha has always been very passionate about sports and has taken part in various events organised in her school and village. Although she’s new to trail running and has never joined a trail race, she has always been inspired by Mira and is driven to become a successful athlete, representing Nepal around the world. She believes the program will help her to achieve this goal.

Name: Sabina Rai
Age: 18
Hometown: Solukhumbu

Sabina recently finished school in her village and is currently waiting for her grade 12 results.

Sabina is from a poor family and is the youngest of 9 siblings. Her parents are farmers. Before she joined the program, Sabina was working in a restaurant as a chef to earn money so that she could afford to go to college. She also tried to join the British army, but was not selected due to her height.
However, Sabina’s dream is to become a trail runner. She has taken part in several races, including a win at the Himalayan Outdoor Festival (10km). She hopes to benefit from training with Mira and the team, and gain knowledge and skills to ensure her financial future.

Name: Sunkala Rai
Age: 21
Hometown: Sankhuwasabha

Sunkala joined the program in May 2022. Prior to joining she was in the first year of her bachelor’s degree in education.

Sunkala’s parents are subsistence farmers in a small village in eastern Nepal. She comes from a big family, with 5 sisters and 2 brothers. From a young age, she has been passionate about sports, and was inspired to take up trail running after hearing Mira’s story. She ran her first trail race – the Bhojpur Trail Race – earlier this year, and hopes to improve her abilities with training and guidance from Mira and the team.

Ultimately, Sunkala wants to follow Mira’s footsteps and compete internationally. She also hopes to inspire other female runners to pursue their dreams.