2023 Athletes - Hong Kong

In 2023, we offered Opportunity Grants of HK$2,000 each to selected athletes from the foreign domestic helper community to contribute towards race entry fees and sports equipment purchase.  We also supported them via group training including running practice, a nutrition workshop and a women’s health workshop.

Carmina Bajarin

Carmina has been working for a family in Hong Kong for almost 7 years. Trail running helps her to recharge her batteries and relieve her homesickness. Since joining the Exchange and Empower program she has already completed her first 50km race – the HK50 – and has signed up for the HK100 and 9 Dragons. She has an 8-year-old daughter who is very proud of her.

Cheryl Gomez

Cheryl has been in Hong Kong for 14 years. She has been running and hiking for a couple of years, and has taken part in several races including Action Asia. However, recently she has felt a lack of motivation. By joining the program, she hopes to regain her passion, stay fit and get some new shoes to help her on her way.

Christine Magdaraog

Christine has been in Hong Kong for 7 years. She was introduced to trail running by a friend, and took part in the Country of Origin and the virtual Salomon 100km. It gives her happiness, peace of mind and comfort. She hopes to register in more races and improve her running.

Fely Bejuna

Fely has been in Hong Kong for 13 years. She’s a regular on the trail running scene and has volunteered in numerous races. She loves exploring Hong Kong’s beaches, trails and nature. The Exchange and Empower program will enable her to afford gear and race registrations, as she supports her daughter and parents back home. She also hopes to encourage other domestic helpers.

Lily Layug

Lily is from Palawan in the Philippines, and has been working in Hong Kong for almost 10 years. She started hiking during the pandemic and finds that it helps her to maintain her physical health, but also relax her mind. She hopes to use her Opportunity Grant to encourage other helpers to start exercising, enjoying nature and relieving stress.

Mary Grace Desca

Mary Grace has been in Hong Kong for just over 2 years. She’s a single mum with 3 kids, and is passionate about sports, including hiking, running, touch rugby and AFL. Hiking has improved her mental health, given her a new perspective and helped to overcome her fear of heights.

Vangie Dinglasan

Vangie has been in Hong Kong for 11 years. She got into trail running at the start of the pandemic, to improve her health. She fell in love with trail running immediately as it helps to take her mind off of her worries. In the past few years, she has joined some virtual races but hopes to run more.