About Us

Exchange and Empower

Exchange and Empower is a registered charity in Hong Kong. We support initiatives that focus on education, professional development and poverty alleviation, including our flagship partnership with the Mira Rai Initiative in Nepal.

Board of Directors

Keilem Ng - Founder

Keilem co-founded Exchange and Empower with Nepalese trail runner Mira Rai in 2018 with an aim to empower talented young female athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Keilem mixes an international career working in real estate finance and investment with a passionate commitment to sustainability and the environment. She is currently General Manager – Sustainability at Link REIT, Asia’s largest real estate investment trust.

Keilem grew up in Hong Kong and loves nature and the great outdoors. She spoke about taking personal action for climate change at TedxTinHauWomen Countdown 2020, and was the winner of the NEXXINSPIRE Social Innovation Award 2020.

Rory Mitchell

Rory is a communications professional in the finance industry. He is currently Senior Manager, Chief Executive Office at Bank of East Asia, a leading local bank in Hong Kong.
Rory grew up in the west of Scotland and is most at home in the mountains. He first met Keilem and Mira at a beach cleanup in Hong Kong, and was inspired by their passion for social and environmental advocacy.

Chloe Thomas

Chloe works in the Finance Industry and has lived in Hong Kong since 2011. She first met Keilem when beginning her trail running journey back in 2016 and then met Mira at a trail event in Hong Kong the following year. Chloe has been involved with Exchange and Empower since the beginning and had the pleasure to host 4 of the program participants in Hong Kong when they took on the Oxfam TrailWalker in 2018. Chloe loves the HK trails and is an amateur triathlete.

Advisory Committee

Clare Au Young

Clare is a solicitor admitted in Hong Kong and England and Wales. She is currently a partner at Yuen & Partners, a general practice law firm in Hong Kong.

Clare grew up in Hong Kong and started trail running in 2018. In early 2019, after attending an info session she reached out to Keilem to offer help with getting registered charity status.


Narelle Hamey

Narelle is a keen hiker, both in Hong Kong and overseas. She has a love for the mountains and the Nepalese people, having trekked in Nepal numerous times.

Narelle is a hike leader in Hong Kong and has coordinated support at local trail races where she was inspired by Mira and some of the athletes. Narelle has witnessed the positive outcomes of empowering women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Megan Yeung

Megan is a former lawyer turned corporate trainer, performance and wellness coach.

She found the outdoors and trail running only well into adulthood and wishes to experience the world by running. Having survived breast cancer twice, she believes it is very important to master one’s mind in overcoming life’s challenges and to live well and balanced.

She also believes in women empowering women and hence she joined the committee of Exchange and Empower.

Yu Yu

Yu Yu is a Healer, Animal Communicator and Personal Power Coach. She is passionate about nature, animals and outdoor activities, and she frequently participates in voluntary work related to these areas.

Yu Yu met Mira Rai in early 2018 during a beach cleaning event, while Mira was in Hong Kong for a race. She was impressed by Mira’s initiative of supporting female athletes from under-privileged background in Nepal. She then started to get involved in Exchange & Empower, helped in fundraising, organizing events, logistics, admin and coordination.