Hong Kong Program


Exchange and Empower Trail Running Scholarship Program aims to support passionate trail runners from the foreign domestic helper community in Hong Kong. 

Working long hours each day, often up to six days a week, foreign domestic helpers have limited time and resources to access sports. They often lack funds to purchase sports equipment, to pay for race entries, and to cover other related costs. They do not have access to resources which would help them to improve in the sport and train better. Despite this, many foreign domestic helpers are active in running and trail running.

We recognize that trail running is a sport that is extremely empowering – it directs our passions and energies into positive experiences. We want to help passionate individuals from the foreign domestic helpers community to develop their passion for this sport.

Exchange and Empower Trail Running Scholarship Program


We are pleased to offer the Exchange and Empower Trail Running Scholarship Program to provide support to ten individuals in 2024. The Program runs from the end of October 2024 until the end of January 2025.

The program offers:

  • Three months of personal one on one training plan and mentorship by an experienced female trail runner 
  • One off stipend (HK$2,000) to be used for sports equipment 
  • Sports nutrition, strength training and yoga for runners workshops available to participants throughout the program
  • Race entry and race support at a local selected race in January 2025

This program is open to foreign domestic helpers working and living in Hong Kong who are running regularly on trails / who are running regularly on the road and keen to explore trails.

To apply, click below and fill in the application form. We will be receiving applications from 5 June to 5 July 2024. Program participants will be selected and announced in August 2024.


Hong Kong’s foreign domestic helpers perform a vital role for our community. With your support, this program aims to play a small part in enabling them to achieve their own dreams, as they help us to realise ours.