Anita Rai shares her thoughts on racing in Switzerland!

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We’re delighted to share some insights from our alumna Anita Rai on her recent experience at the UTMR in Switzerland!

In September, Anita and fellow E&E graduate Rashila Tamang took part in the Mischabel 100km race organised by UTMR. They performed extremely well, with Rashila taking first place and Anita not far behind in second.

Anita explains that, despite having some issues with footwear and navigation, she was determined to finish:

“While I was running, my leg was in pain because of my shoes, but I kept going. At the last checkpoint, I followed the 60km race route by mistake for around 5km. This cost me 2 hours but I knew I had to finish. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t give my best, but I learned the importance of knowing all the route information!”

Anita was taken by how similar Switzerland is to Nepal:

“I thought there would be big cities, many people and malls. But actually, it was beautiful, small and peaceful – it felt like home. While I was there, Lizzy Hawker and the volunteers helped me a lot. I’m very thankful and will never forget their love and support.”

Since graduating from the E&E program, Anita has helped with training the recent athletes while working as a guide.

“Being a guide is my aspiration because, beyond improving our physical strength and fitness, trekking enables us to learn about different places, languages and cultures. We can learn about the world. Exchange and Empower gave me the opportunity to receive training and coach our new sisters, and also opened up opportunities to travel abroad.”

We’re delighted to have played a part in helping young women like Anita find their vocation and experience other cultures.

As you know, the past couple of years have been challenging for everyone. With strict COVID-19 restrictions in Hong Kong, we haven’t been able to organise the community events that have funded our efforts in previous years. As such, we’ve been reliant on the generous online donations that we’ve received.

We have a small funding gap to close out this year’s program and support our current group of athletes. Please donate here to help us reach our goal!

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